May I need my /etc/passwd file for Web page authentication?
May I need my /etc/passwd file for Web page authentication?
  • Cyberspace technology supplies no governors about how usually or exactly how rapidly password (verification troubles) retries can be made. This means that somebody can hammer away at your system's underlying code using the Web, using a dictionary or close mass attack, as quickly due to the fact wire and your machine are designed for the needs. The majority of systems today consist of combat detection (like letter hit a brick wall passwords for the same levels within m moments) and evasion (breaking the connections, disabling the account under assault, disabling all logins from that origin, et cetera), but the internet does not.
  • A free account under attack is not notified (unless the servers is actually highly changed); there is no "you have got 19483 login disappointments" message as soon as the legitimate holder logs in.
  • Without an exhaustive and error-prone study of the servers logs, you can't tell whether a merchant account has been affected. Finding that a strike possess took place, or perhaps is happening, is fairly farmersonly clear, though - in the event that you go through the logs.
  • Internet authentication passwords (at least for standard authentication) usually fly throughout the cable, and through intermediate proxy systems, with what amounts to plain text. "O'er the internet we go/Caching completely;/O just what enjoyable it is to surf/Giving my code away!"
  • Since HTTP was stateless, details about the verification try transmitted every time a request is made to the machine. In essence, the client caches they following the very first winning access, and transmits it without asking for all following needs on same machine.
  • It is relatively trivial for someone in your program to hold a web page that may steal the cached password from a customer's cache with out them once you understand. Could you say "password grabber"?

Should you still wish to accomplish this in light on the above negatives, the strategy is actually leftover as an exercise for your viewer. It is going to invalidate your own Apache guaranty, though, and you'll get rid of all accumulated UNIX master details.

Why does Apache inquire about my personal password two times before helping a file?

If the hostname under you include opening the server is significantly diffent versus hostname given during the ServerName directive, after that according to the setting associated with the UseCanonicalName directive, Apache will reroute one a new hostname whenever creating self-referential URLs. This occurs, as an example, in case in which you ask a directory without like the trailing slash.

When this occurs, Apache will inquire about verification once underneath the initial hostname, do the redirect, after which ask once again under the newer hostname. For safety causes, the internet browser must encourage again when it comes to password whenever the host title adjustment.

  • Use the trailing slash when asking for directories;
  • Change the ServerName to match title you happen to be making use of inside URL;
  • and/or Ready UseCanonicalName off.

How can I lessen folks from "taking" the photographs from my webpage?

The target let me reveal avoiding folks from inlining your files right from their web site, but opening all of them as long as they show up inline in your pages.

This could be achieved with a variety of SetEnvIf plus the Deny and Allow directives. But is essential to know that any access regulation according to the REFERER header try intrinsically difficult due to the fact that browsers can deliver an inaccurate REFERER, either since they would you like to prevent the limitation or simply because they do not deliver the right thing (or anything more).

In which is it possible to see mod_rewrite rulesets which currently solve certain URL-related dilemmas?

There was an accumulation practical systems that can be found from inside the URL Rewriting Tips Guide. For those who have most interesting rulesets which solve specific troubles not currently secure contained in this data, open a doc advice in bugzilla to include it. Others site owners will thanks for preventing the reinvention of this wheel.

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