Q. I have a Henry Disston D-8 For Beauty, end, and electric, this Saw can’t be Excelled
Q. I have a Henry Disston D-8 For Beauty, end, and electric, this Saw can't be Excelled

A. several spotted producers going back to very early nineteenth 100 years England made medallions together with the Warranted better (WS) label. They pre-dates Henry Disston (1819-1878) by at least a generation, probably considerably. Utilization of the expression is certainly not restricted to saws. A quick on-line research reveals it absolutely was used in advertising for manufactured items such as for instance shoes and Remington pistols. Warranted and guaranteed have a similar definition, which is the manufacturer's word that his product was outstanding. The claim is as nice as the term of this maker, if you feel about it. Many English WS medallions need a crown and the majority of US ones has an eagle. Later Disston-made WS medallions experience the words "justified remarkable," a circle of dots, performers during the three and nine o'clock positions, and appear with or without an eagle. Some feature a keystone as opposed to the eagle. The example of replacing medallions in Disston 1906 directory reveals an eagle, the 1911 index keeps a keystone, and pictures in the 1914, 1918, and 1923 catalogs function a blank area during the medallion. " later on medallions on many of the Keystone-brand saws (1935-1954) posses eagles. A typical example of this might be shown, remaining. A lot of big United states brands generated saws with both brand name medallions and WS versions. The reason would have been to differentiate between your services and products which they placed her term and lower-priced gear upon which they picked not to ever place her company. The paradox is, in the us, the Warranted Superior tag often had been wear the businesses' second-rate merchandise. Numerous top-grade English saws bring WS medallions while others bring brand-name medallions. Once you see an American WS watched, there might be a somewhat below 50per cent possibility that it was created by tanД±m Disston. Disston have an extremely huge part of the marketplace, nonetheless it was not a monopoly. Atkins, Bishop, Jennings, Woodrough & McParlin, and Simonds (1900-1926) happened to be a number of the huge saw producers that made saws with many type a WS medallion with an eagle. Atkins' secondary range is in fact labeled "Phoenix Warranted."

Q. We have a Disston watched with a medallion maybe not shown in your website. It's got a pattern of circles across the keystone. When was it made?

A. You have a good example of a Disston watched generated following group offered their firm to HK Porter in 1955. Exactly why aren't these saws highlighted about Disstonian Institute web site? Think of the enthusiam a collector and researcher of unit A Fords would have for a 1978 Ford Fairmont.

None include stamped utilizing the name "Disston

Q. I've a 26" D-8 noticed that's 12 points per inch and it is noted with a 12 on the blade. The medallion suggests that the saw was developed between 1917 and 1942. You never write any 12 point saws in this size. Just what offers?

The quality of the saws spiraled into a decreased condition due to the fact company tried to conserve money additionally the marketplace for handsaws dry out quickly

A. Most of the "catalogs" quoted from the saw content are actually cream guides for merchandising visitors, titled "The Disston noticed, device, and File Manual." We were holding current annually from about 1919 until 1955. Just before that, there seemed to be a publication labeled as "The spotted: utilizing they; just how to Ensure that it it is required," which supported similar purpose, to guide merchandising people within the order and use of Disston merchandise. That publishing extends back toward 1880's. Another source for the details try provider catalogs, which were a whole lot more specific inside their details, but, unfortuanately, aren't as easy to obtain. More to the point, the retail buyer's books you should not record every watched which was produced. They give a broad concept of the thing that was ended up selling, but occasionally the saw assortment develops larger one-year and gets modest the second. Therefore the information produced from the books have some omissions or inaccuracies. Furthermore custom orders had been possible. If a client wished a 12 point crosscut, a 4 aim rip saw, or other saw that has been not in inventory, the guy (or she) could ask the hardware provider to special-order it.

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